Happy Christmas and New Year holidays!


Hello friends!

On behalf of the entire team of Profile studio , I would like to congratulate all our regular and new customers with the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays.

Passes another year full of emotions, hopes and expectations . So it should be, because you always strive for success , conquering new heights and domination over himself , causing it to be more creative, inventive and artistic . Let what we failed to do this year to be the driving force that will motivate us to be more creative and passionate next year. Let small setbacks do not obstruct the path of our dreams , and to drive our purpose. Let us forgive the mistakes of those around us , because the only way to clean and clear mind to fight for their future plans.

Keep your memories alive when you really loved , and even hated because it is the scaffolding around which to build anything you want.

Our team will be happy to deal with the difficult task to capture every wonderful moment in your life , knowing that everything is transient and perishable , and being convinced that the small moments of tenderness sebotdadenost and must live in the memories of all of us to remind us of the precious moments we had .

Let's wonderful holidays approaching to get together with people who behave to remember those who have been with us in our life time and have left us in one way or another . We hope that everyone keeps pictures of these people. Let us remember them and browse the old albums and galvanize emotions . Do not miss the opportunity to capture all smiling moments in your life , even if they use the services of a professional photographer . The smile with which watch old footage today will be on the faces of Vichy descendants tomorrow. Keep the wonderful story of your life because it is unique and only yours. There is nothing more precious in the family library of well preserved moments in life because memories are important !

On behalf of everyone in the Profilestudio I wish you merry Christmas and New Year holidays and the bright moments in the new year !

Kamen Ehranov - Manager Profilestudio