Prices for wedding photography

outside of Bulgaria prices are calculated in Euro!


The price you pay for a photographer is determined by their experience in the field of wedding photography!

The civil or church ceremony taking place on a different day is not included in the price and costs 95 leva.

All packages include up to 10 hours of work for the photographer. Each consecutive hour costs 80 leva.

"Memories" Package

You entrust the photographing of your wedding day in the hands of the photographer you have chosen in advance. The price you pay for the photographer's work depends on their experience in the field of wedding photography.

590лв. Raya, Zara, Aksenia

850 лева - можете да изберете между , Stefan, Ivo,

980 лева - можете да изберете между Kamen, Vladimir, Iskrena

"Memories +"

1449 leva - shooting of the wedding party by Kamen Ehranov or Vladimir Kotsev or Iskrena Stoyanova + special photo session 
on a separate day after the wedding.



      Pack of memories x 2

You get a team of two photographers on line because "more eyes - seeing better". One photographer reflects what happens to the bride, and the other - to the bridegroom. The simultaneous presence of two people behind the lens can have an incredible effect - more interesting points of view, more captured moments that will never have the chance to repeat, except on the chosen day. You will be happily surprised and fascinated by the result!  



Package 1200 BGN

Teams   photographer:  Stefan or Ivo with an assistant photographer


Package 1349 BGN
Team photographer: Kamen or Vladimir or Iskrena with an assistant photographer
Package2430 BGN
Team: Kamen and Vladimir

As a compliment to this package, you get a special photo session on a single day after the wedding.
Kamen and Vladimir work in tandem, and the cadres that sealed your wedding day will be real artworks. 
Their long experience, the many weddings shot and their personal creative approach ensure that every 
time you make your wedding album, you will experience true and unmistakable happiness - just like the 
moments in which the camera has snapped and your breath has stopped.
Combinations of photographers that are not represented in the bids can be made. 
Ask if you do not find the wedding photographer you want in combination with another wish! 
We will prepare an individual offer.
photo booth in the restaurant

Photo kiosk in the restaurant is a good gift for your guests. Give them fun and good memories. 
The studio is available for up to 5 hours, served by a professional photographer. 
Party items can be added as well as photos printed on site. 
There is an opportunity to create a facebook page of the event and upload the pictures directly there from the software. 
The full functionality of the photo kiosk can be viewed in the specialized site of the service -

Price: 690lv within 5 hours
with 200 photos included 10x15cm.
additional photos above the included 1.30lv.